Deepak Agarwal, ex-Unilever Head, bringing the ancient wisdom of India to the world. Choose a healthier, happer life with Auric. With 1M+ customers, 50+ products, across 5+ countries, and a 4.5+ rating, we're on a mission to elevate your self.

  • The First Fizz

    It all started with one effervescent tablet. One drop, one fizz, and a million lives transformed. That's the power of Auric's first-ever product

  • The Millionth Milestone:

    We didn't just sell products; we sell a lifestyle. And over a million people bought into it. That's right, Auric has sold over a million effervescent tablets, and we're just getting started

  • The Global Fizzprint

    From the mystical lands of India to the bustling cities of 5+ countries, Auric is leaving its fizzy footprint across the globe. We're not just crossing borders; we're breaking barriers

  • The Auric Universe

    Why stop at effervescent tablets? We've expanded our horizons to include everything ayurveda—Welcome to the Auric Universe, where wellness has no limits

What is Ayurveda?
The ancient culture has distilled over 5000 years to thrive into a modern ritual. It is built on the foundation of herbs and a healthy way of life

What is Auric?
Auric uses herbal science from Ayurveda to make its supplements for daily lifestyle. Auric also is inspired by the healthy way of life encouraged by Ayurveda to serve our customers with nutrition for daily wellness

How is Auric different from others?
We believe Ayurveda should be easy, simple, and convenient without taking away your time, energy, and patience. We also believe good habits last longer when they are not only made easy but also logical and interesting

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