How much herbs are present in each bottle?

Each bottle of Auric has 25% RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of the beneficial herbs. Hence we recommend to consume 1 to 3 bottles daily.


For how long do I need to consume Auric drinks?

Auric is a healthy lifestyle choice. 80% of our customers have felt visible benefits within 45 days of consuming the drinks regularly. Try it for a month at least and then decide for yourself.


How to drink?

We have done all the hardwork of sourcing the best ingredients and blending them together. All you need to do is drink them daily, right out of the bottle. No mixing, no fuss. The drinks can be stored at room temperature. They taste best when chilled.


How to take distributorship of Auric drinks?

You may write to us at care@theauric.com and we will reach out to you.


How do the drinks taste?

Our customers love us for 3 things - natural ingredients, visible benefits and great taste. Rest assured, Auric drinks are the tastiest way of consuming the essential Ayurvedic herbs. Our customer reviews have shown positive insights into the taste profile. Try for yourself and review Auric drinks.


Can I drink different variants in same day?

Yes absolutely. Auric drinks improve the overall health and well-being. You may consume 1 to 3 bottles of Auric drinks every day. Each bottle contains 25% daily RDI of herbs.
RDI = Recommended Dietary Intake.

Login/ My account

Q. Do I have to login for purchasing Auric ayurvedic juices?
A. No, you don’t! Why would we put you through the extra effort of logging in? Simply bag your pick of products and follow through with the payment process.

For any other query, please email us on care@theauric.com or Call us on +91 9650787102 / +91 9599339626

Cancel Order

Q. How do I cancel my order?
A. We are sorry to know that you want to cancel your order.

For raising a request, please email us on care@theauric.com or Call us on +91 9650787102 / +91 9599339626

Track My Order

Q. How can I track my order?
A. We are thrilled to know you shopped with us!
Every time an order is placed, we send an email and WhatsApp message which contain the Order ID and name of the courier partner.
For tracking your order, please visit the assigned courier partner’s platform and use your tracking ID.

Quick Links:
Delhivery - https://www.delhivery.com/
Udaan Express - https://www.track-express.com/udaan-express-courier-tracking/
iThink - https://www.ithinklogistics.com/track-order
Shyplite - https://tracklite.in/?
Ecom Express - https://ecomexpress.in/tracking/

Coupon Code

Q. How and where do I apply the coupon code?
A. Hey, it is an easy-peasy process!
Add your top picks to the cart and click on “check out”. You will be redirected to the order page wherein you will find "apply discount coupon here" dropbox. Click on it, enter the coupon code, apply it, and voila! Enjoy your savings!


Q. How do I access my Auric wallet?
A. We often use WhatsApp as a medium to communicate with our community.
Whenever an order is placed which is entitled to earning points, we share the wallet details with you after the payment and delivery of the product(s).
The process of using the points in your wallet or even coupons is shared with you over WhatsApp.

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