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Get Slim Effervescent Weight Management Fat Burner Tablet - Drop Fizz & Drink

Get Slim Effervescent Weight Management Fat Burner Tablet - Drop Fizz & Drink

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Get Slim Tablets is a plant-based supplement that works its magic in three step process- Detox, Restore & Nourish to manage fat and appetite of both men and women. An ideal slimming partner as it blocks the production of new fats in the body.
-> Enhances digestive function
-> Increases metabolism
-> Accelerates fat management
Goodness of Ingredients
  • Green Coffee reduces total body weight and fat accumulation significantly.
  • Grape Seeds reduces LDL oxidation triggered by high fat diets.
  • Garcinia Cambogia along with its active ingredients is known in Ayurveda to suppress appetite.
  • Green Tea makes it an ideal slimming partner.
Why consume it?
If you:
- are low on energy level
- have accumulated belly fat
- have indigestion and bloating
- have a slow metabolism
What are you waiting for? Include Ayurvedic Effervescent Tabs in your diet for desired results.
How to Use?
Drop - Dissolve - Fizz - Drink.
Drop one tablet in 200ML water.
Wait till it dissolves to make fizzy water.
Take 2 Tablets daily before any of the three meals for 2 months for best results.
Safe for Adult consumption.
Avoid junk Foods, Eat Green Vegetables and drink plenty of water.
It can be taken by both Men & Women 
What makes us better?
Made with natural ingredients
Therapeutic ingredients
Backed by science- free of gimmicks fads & false promises
Manufactured within US FDA & ISO Certified facility
Ayurveda works slowly and steadily to uproot the evil within forever.
Are there any side effects?
We are very particular about the wellness of our customers. Our drinks are made with natural ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives. Our only intent is to bring the goodness of nature into people's everyday lives. We are FSSAI certified for safety. However, in case you have a special condition - we always suggest that you consult a doctor for a medical opinion.
It should be taken before or after a meal?
You can consume it any time of the day. We recommend consuming it every day around the same time and making it a part of your daily routine so that you don’t miss out on the benefits.
In how much time gap we can consume another tab?
There should be a gap of a minimum of 5 hrs after the consumption of 1st tablet.
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